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Vibration transmitter – iT301

Wilcoxon’s 4-20 mA configurable vibration transmitter module, the iT301, provides an easy means to connect a standard IEPE vibration sensor to a PLC, DCS or SCADA system. The transmitter's input provides power to and measures the signal from either an accelerometer, piezovelocity sensor or dual (vibration and temperature) output sensor.

The input circuitry has a wide frequency response, capable of measuring signals between 0.2 Hz and 20,000 Hz.

iT301 provides the user with field-configurable parameters and dual mappable 4-20 mA outputs. It is also MODBUS/RS485 enabled and contains a single NC/NO relay.

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Features and benefits

> Easy web server interface

  • Change amplitude scale and frequency ranges remotely

  • Live updates for near real time visibility

  • Eliminate pre-order part selection, saving you time

  • No standalone software needed

> MODBUS/RS485 enabled

  • Optimized for process control and monitoring

  • Simple connection to existing plant infrastructure

  • Multiple communication methods via MODBUS TCP, MODBUS Serial and web browser

> Mappable NC/NO relay

  • Map low and high alarms to single relay

  • More control over fault monitoring

How it works

The iT301 vibration transmitter is field configurable to accept IEPE acceleration, velocity, or temperature measurements and convert to 4-20 mA outputs. A single-page internal web server allows the user to easily modify parameters and define the desired outputs via Ethernet. MODBUS communication, a programmable relay, and dynamic data is also accessible.


The iT301 is field configurable through an internal single-page web server that can be accessed via Ethernet. A copy of the web configuration page is shown below illustrating parameters such as sensor sensitivity, frequency bandwidth and 4-20 mA full-scale can be entered. A single NC/NO relay is also available for mapping low/high alarm levels, and MODBUS protocol information is available.

Typical users and applications

Instrumentation engineers, system engineers, operations personnel, process automation specialists and reliability engineers. Ideal markets and applications include condition monitoring, wind power, pulp and paper plants, power generation plants, cement plants, food and beverage manufacturing, metals processing, machine tool, mining, nuclear power plants, oil and gas processing pharmaceutical manufacturing, rail operations, water and wastewater treatment plants, defense.

iT Series Product Comparison

Focus on the features that you need. Quickly and easily compare our series of intelligent transmitters side by side in the chart below. You can also download the iT series product comparison for a helpful reference to share with your colleagues.

DIN-rail mountablexxxx
Accepts accelerometers, velocity, sensorsxxxx
20V peak-peak sensor inputxxxx
Primary 4-20mA outputxxxx
0.2 Hz - 20 kHz bandwidth0.3 Hz - 20 kHzxxx
Factory configuredxx
24-bit A/D converterxxx
Accepts dual output (vibration + temperature) sensorsxxx
Secondary 4-20mA outputxxx
Field configurable full-scale rangexx
Field configurable vibration bands (2X)xx
Modbus TCP/RS-485x
Low alarm limits (5X)x
High alarm limits (5X)x
Relay/alarm source mappingx
List priceDiscontinued $$$$$$

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