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Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies is an ISO 9001:2015 vibration monitoring solutions manufacturer and global supplier. Formerly known as Wilcoxon Research, Inc., and founded in 1960 by former staff members of the David Taylor Naval Research Center, we are a leader in machine vibration monitoring and underwater sensing products. We have a successful record and strong legacy providing advanced solutions for underwater environments, and a full range of high quality industrial vibration sensors, transmitters, and supportive instrumentation for accurate and reliable vibration measurements across many applications.

Wilcoxon vibration monitoring products and technical expertise have been trusted around the world for 60 years

• Solutions for a wide range of industrial, specialized and underwater applications
• Accuracy and quality from concept to production and delivery
• Results-oriented industry partner focused on positive outcomes
• Reliable, high performance, cost-effective products
• Dedicated, efficient customer support

Our Frederick, Maryland facility houses a wide variety of modern manufacturing, assembly, and test equipment ranging from precision machinery for high-quality vibration sensor components to custom-built machinery specifically designed for accelerometer fabrication.

Explore our website and the industries we serve. If you don't see your industry, contact us using our General Inquiry form. Don't forget you can shop our wide range of sensors, cables, enclosures, mounting accessories, transmitters and more online at Shop Wilcoxon vibration monitoring solutions. You can also follow Wilcoxon on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Vibration Monitoring Products

Why Wilcoxon. We know that the key to selling quality vibration monitoring sensors is to provide unbeatable reliability from our extensive product range backed by exceptional industry experience and support. Once you put our sensors to use in your condition monitoring program, you will see why Wilcoxon is number one. DOWNLOAD our Short-Form Catalog here!

Customer support

  • Fast two-day turnaround on quotations to keep your project on schedule
  • Global network of partners to assist you with quoting, ordering and customer service
  • Dedicated customer account representatives provide personal attention to each order
  • Outstanding applications support to ensure you get the right product for the job
  • Expertise in engineering to the PhD level and over 200 years of combined industry experience
  • 98% on-time delivery and the shortest lead times in the industry
  • Guaranteed In-Stock program promises select products ship the next business day
  • Knowledge about export compliance laws ensure international shipments are not delayed


  • Highest MTBF (mean time between failure) in the industry, 25 years
  • Certified ISO 9001 Quality Management and ISO 14001 Environmental Management
  • State of the art manufacturing facility in Maryland, USA ensures precise control of all assembly and testing
  • True hermetic seal, backed by helium leak testing of sensors to 1x10-8 cc He/sec, compared to weak bubble test that allow 10,000 times more leakage
  • Ensured contamination-free sensor, final weld is completed in an inert atmosphere inside a drybox
  • Consistent product performance from piezoelectric crystal stabilization, ensuring accelerometer sensitivity does not drift over time, <1% sensitivity drift over 10 years
  • Lifetime Warranty ensures commitment to continuous product performance

Broad offering for one-stop-shopping

  • Extensive variety of accelerometer designs for any application
  • Comprehensive selection of 4-20 mA sensors and transmitters for Simplified Condition Based Maintenance
  • Widest selection of hazardous area certifications including FM, CSA, ATEX, IECEx, SIMTARS ratings of Class I Division 1 (Zones 0 and 1), Class I Division 2 (Zone 2), and Explosion Proof
  • Complete offering of accessories, from installation tools, cable assemblies, enclosures, and power supplies, to transmitters and alarms
  • Time-saving handheld instrumentation eliminates expensive tests
  • Custom designed products for unique applications
  • Competitive pricing on sensors, accessories, cables and network packages
  • Cutting edge technology keeps you ahead of the curve

Parent company – Amphenol Corporation

Amphenol, headquartered in Wallingford, Connecticut, is a large world-class technology leader in the design, manufacture, and supply of high-performance interconnect systems for a broad range of industrial applications, including medical equipment, factory automation, heavy equipment, instrumentation, motion control, rail mass transportation, alternative energy, and natural resource exploration. Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies is part of the Amphenol Sensor Technology group.

About Amphenol Advanced Sensors
Amphenol Advanced Sensors is a leading innovator in advanced sensing technologies and innovative embedded measurement solutions customized for regulatory and industry driven applications. We offer industry leading domain expertise, rapid customization, world-class manufacturing capability and lasting customer relationships to deliver the greatest value in cost of ownership to our customers.

ASTG Market Overview

Timeline of pioneering advances at Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies

Wilcoxon engineers have been responsible for many advances in piezoelectric accelerometers. Some of our key accomplishments and milestones are listed below:

1960 Wilcoxon Research, Inc. is founded by a group of entrepreneurial scientists from the US Navy’s David Taylor Research Center (now the Naval Surface Warfare Center)

1961 First piezoelectric accelerometer to incorporate an integrally-isolated base, eliminating the requirement for frequency-limiting adapters

1963 Identified and specified the effects of base strain sensitivity and incorporated integral strain filters in compression-type models, while expanding lines of bending- and shear-type models which are immune to base strain

1964 Delineated and specified the magnetic and acoustic sensitivity of piezoelectric vibration transducer

1976 First ultra low-noise detection accelerometers for underwater applications

1981 Developed piezoelectric accelerometers with integral PIEZOFET™ with low noise charge amplifiers

1983 First piezoelectric velocity sensor and piezoelectric ultra-quiet seismic accelerometer

1990 Industry's first displacement output accelerometer

1996 First ultra high sensitivity, low noise seismic accelerometer for nano g measurements

1999 Formation of Wilcoxon Labs for leading edge research and development

2004 Meggitt PLC acquired Wilcoxon Research, Inc.

2005 Developed a vibration transmitter series of products with the first customizable and field-programmable frequency response, powerful alarming capabilities, and digital communications

2006 ISO 14001 environmental management certification

2008 First stand-alone 4-20 mA vibration displacement sensor for machinery monitoring

2008 Developed an ocean-bottom, triaxial seismic accelerometer

2011 Changed legal name to Meggitt (Maryland), Inc. and began doing business as Meggitt Sensing Systems

2013 Introduced the industry’s only battery operated field reference source with 3 switchable frequencies to satisfy global markets

2013 Launched LPA 100T family (lower power accelerometer), MAC meter family (vibration meters), HT sensors (high temperature)

2014 Patented high isolation sensors capable of withstanding 6000 volts for use in wind turbine nacelles

2014 Launched VibraLink enclosures (VLS, VLD, VLT) with data ready indicator, 786LF family for low frequency applications, ReferenceMate (REF) handheld shaker kits

2015 First HART integrated sensor with three field programmable frequency bands

2015 Launched PCH420V Hart integrated velocity sensor with digital HART protocol, Vibration switch VSW-100 with adjustable alarm relays, HV high EMI resistant sensors

June 2017 Amphenol Corporation purchased the Wilcoxon Research brand and the Meggitt (Maryland), Inc. business in its entirety. New d.b.a. and brand is Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies. New legal name is Amphenol (Maryland), Inc.

July 2017 New Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies logo introduced

October 2018 Open new factory and office building in Frederick, Maryland that provides additional space to support the growing needs of our customers, enhance operations across every department, and strengthen our capacity to continue to deliver valuable vibration monitoring solutions to the many markets and industries we serve

January 2020 Celebrating 60 years providing high quality, reliable vibration monitoring solutions that are built to perform in demanding industrial and defense applications

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