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Test & Measurement Products

Wilcoxon offers a variety of vibration generators, support equipment, and sensors for test and measurement applications, including modal analysis, structural monitoring, laboratory testing, and seismic sensing.

Our products include:

Learn about piezoelectric and electromagnetic shaker networks.



Piezoelectric and electromagnetic shakers are used to provide reliable structural excitation of a test article within a controlled, localized environment. By simulating such dynamic forces and natural frequencies, shakers can be used along with accelerometers and other vibration monitoring devices to reveal cracks, defects, weaknesses or other abnormalities, allowing engineers and test technicians to better predict structural behavior over time.

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Piezoelectric shakers

These lightweight, portable shakers generate large dynamic forces at very high frequencies for reliable sonic and ultrasonic structural excitation.

Piezoelectric shakers from Wilcoxon


  • Compact, lightweight
  • Sonic and ultrasonic structural excitation
  • High frequencies
  • Stud-mounted directly to structures in any position
  • No external support or critical shaft alignment problems

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Electromagnetic shakers

Electromagnetic shakers excite primarily at low frequencies and can be used to measure components such as the first bending mode of airframes or ship hulls.

Electromagnetic shakers from Wilcoxon

Impedance heads

Z602WA impedance headAn impedance head is a transducer consisting of two sensing elements: a force gage, which references the force acting between the shaker input connection and the test item connection, while the accelerometer senses the acceleration on the shaker face. Wilcoxon’s electromagnetic shaker systems include a built-in impedance head.


  • Low frequency applications
  • Integral impedance heads measure acceleration and force
  • No matching network required
  • Can be combined with piezoelectric shakers for wider operational bandwidth

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Matching networks

Matching networks provide the interface between power amplifiers and piezoelectric shakers, providing voltage increases to allow the shaker to be driven at its full voltage level. At very high frequencies, lower output voltages are used to better match the reactive load.

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Power amplifiers

The PA10A and WST7B3 operate with Wilcoxon’s piezoelectric and electromagnetic shakers and matching networks.

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Test and measurement sensors

726T compact, top exit test and measurement accelerometer732A compact, side exit test and measurement accelerometerTest and measurement accelerometers are generally characterized by smaller size than industrial units and typically use a 10-32 coaxial connector to connect to measurement equipment. They often have more expansive specifications than general purpose accelerometers, such as larger acceleration ranges or broader frequency responses, allowing them to be used in more rigorous testing environments.

Typical applications

  • Industrial machinery vibration collection
  • Laboratories
  • Modal and structural testing

Sensor specification sheets


Seismic sensors

Wilcoxon seismic sensors

Combine a supersensitive piezoelectric accelerometer, an ultra-low-noise amplifier, and excellent electrical/mechanical isolation and the result will be unmatched performance in measuring low-level vibration. Operating under the same principles as general-purpose accelerometers, Wilcoxon’s seismic sensors are characterized by low frequency response, high output sensitivity and a low noise floor. They are primarily designed to measure low-amplitude, low-frequency signals in applications such as structural monitoring, earthquake detection systems and vibration isolation verification. Capable of measuring down to sub micro-g range, our seismic sensors contain no moving parts, have minimal sensitivity to magnetic fields, and are relatively low mass. Power amplifiers with filtering, gain and integration capability are available to pair with the seismic sensors for all-around vibration monitoring detection capabilities.

Common applications

  • Earthquake detection
  • Geophysics, geothermal development
  • Structural analysis
  • Mine safety

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TEDS sensors

We offer sensors that feature Transducer Electronic Data Sheets (TEDS) that conform to the IEEE P1451.4 standard. As a member of National Instruments Plug and Play Sensor Program, Wilcoxon TEDS sensors are plug and play compatible with National Instruments LabView software, so system integrators and end users will have pre-configured self-identification information and automation systems for vibration measurements. We currently offer 6 models that include general purpose, low profile, and low frequency vibration accelerometers, as well as velocity sensors. TEDS sensors allow users to greatly simplify setup, use, maintenance, and the collection of calibration data.

Specification sheets

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