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UPDATED Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies short-form catalog >

An overview of Wilcoxon's industrial vibration sensors, cables, enclosures, transmitters and a full range of mounting hardware and other accessories.

Cost-effective predictive maintenance brochure >

A newly updated overview of Wilcoxon's 4-20 mA sensors, transmitters and other products for implementing process monitoring and vibration analysis for predictive maintenance.

Advanced Sensing Technologies brochure >

An overview of advanced products designed for extreme applications including seismic detection, underwater sensing and helicopter monitoring

Wilcoxon product range overview - Chinese >

A catalog of Wilcoxon Research's product range in Chinese

Wilcoxon catálogo espanol >

Soluciounes para el monitoreo de vibraciones

Accessories – mounting and enclosures

Mounting hardware and accessories >

Wilcoxon's wide range of mounting hardware can be used for permanent and walkaround applications and are covered by lifetime warranty.

ReferenceMate handheld shaker flyer >

Information about the new REF2500 which enables users in the field to easily verify sensor performance and the integrity of the cabling between the sensor and the online system.

VibraLink enclosures save time during data collection >

User configured switchboxes, junction boxes, and transmitter enclosures for a wide range of applications. Industry-exclusive design features enable fast and safe data collection.


Class I Division 2 accelerometer information >

Accelerometers and connector-cable assemblies for Class I Division 2 (Zone 2) hazardous areas

Compact accelerometers >

Details about Wilcoxon's 780 series of full performance, compact accelerometers.

Mean time between failure rate for 786 series sensors >

786 series accelerometers offer long-lasting performance with MTBF of up to 25 years, ensuring accuracy and reducing costs.

Seismic accelerometers >

Specifications and applications for ultra-high sensitivity accelerometers.

Triaxial sensor with M12 connector >

The 993B-7-M12 houses three sensing elements and the popular M12 connector for easy cable removal.

4-20 mA sensors and transmitters

4-20 mA displacement sensors >

Machinery health monitoring using 4-20 mA displacement sensors.

Frequently asked questions: the Intelligent Transmitter Series >

Wilcoxon Intelligent Transmitters, relay alarms, and communication modules can be used to implement low-cost online vibration monitoring and simplified machinery monitoring and alarming.

iT (Intelligent Transmitter) solves slow-speed machinery monitoring dilemma >

Wilcoxon's iT120 series of vibration transmitters with a usable frequency range as low as 60 RPM are designed for cost-effective online vibration monitoring of slow-speed machinery.

iT401 relay alarm powering options >

Choose the right iT401 powering accesories with this simple guide.

Simplified 24-7 condition-based monitoring >

Wilcoxon has the solutions to simplify your condition based maintenance. We offer multiple continuous monitoring configurations, from single channel loop powered 4-20 mA sensors connected to stand alone field relay modules to multi-channel systems integrated to a PLC, DCS, or SCADA system.

4-20 mA sensor converter >

Use this worksheet to convert 4-20 mA vibration output to traditional engineering units and compare sensor output to ISO 10816 levels.

Cables and Connectors

Accelerometer connector solution: 6Q Series of IP68 connectors >

The 6Q series connectors are tremendously rugged, factory or field installable boots for MIL-C-5015 style 2-pin and 3-pin sensors. They can be used with bulk cable for a cost-effective and flexible solution. With isolated and non-isolated versions, 6Q connectors are the most versatile option on the market.

Cable assembly ordering guide >

A tool to help create the right cable assembly part number for quoting purposes.

Cable catalog >

Wilcoxon offers a wide variety of standard and custom cable assemblies.

M12-style accelerometers and cable assemblies >

Wilcoxon introduces three new accelerometers plus cable assemblies with M12 connectors, an established sensor connector that is used throughout the world and is common in the process industries.

R6W to J9T2AS cable assembly information >

In this ultra-durable cable assembly, the stainless steel braided jacket of the J9T2AS cable is molded to the 6W connector, ensuring a rugged connection.

Safety connector cables for portable data collection >

MaxFlex® cables for data collectors are available with a safety connector that breaks away if the sensor or cable becomes entangled at the monitoring point.

Splashproof cable assemblies - R6SL >

The R6SL industrial splashproof connector series combines the installation and service ease of a snap-on connector while providing protection from high temperatures and chemical contamination.

Splashproof cable assemblies - R6W >

The R6W industrial splashproof connector provide cost effective, contamination resistant connections. Easily installable, the connectors reduce sensor failure due to damaged cables.

R6WP connectors for walkaround applications >

Wilcoxon's R6WP-2-J88C are rugged, IP65 rated connector/cable assemblies designed for walkaround data collection, with a flexible strain relief R6WP sensor-end connector, a BNC termination connector, and 6, 10, or 16 ft coiled cable.

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