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Guaranteed in-stock

In appreciation of the industrial sector's reliance our products, the most popular Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies® sensors, cables and accessories are guaranteed to be in-stock at the time of order. Your order ships the next day, and there are no expediting fees and no minimum order quantities.

The guaranteed in-stock program applies to the following products

  • 786A standard accelerometer - 100 mV/g, top exit accelerometer with a tight +/-5% sensitivity
  • 787A, 100mV/g, side exit accelerometer - with +/-5% sensitivity
  • 797 premium accelerometer, side exit - 100mV/g, premium side exit accelerometer with +/-5% sensitivity
  • R6Q-0-J9T2A-32 - 32-foot Teflon® jacketed cable, case grounded shield, IP68-rated
  • R6W-0-J9T2A-32 - 32-foot Teflon® jacketed cable, electrically isolated shield, IP64-rated
  • R6QI-0-J9T2A-32 - 32-foot Teflon® jacketed cable, electrically isolated shield, IP68-rated
  • CB4 - four-channel junction box with BNC connectors
  • CB2 - two-channel junction box with BNC connectors
  • SF8 cementing pad - mounting pad, 1-inch diameter
  • VERSIL406 epoxy - mounting epoxy
  • ST101 Spot face tool - surface spot face tool

Guaranteed in-stock terms

  • The guaranteed in-stock program applies only to select standard Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies® products and excludes all special, private label, custom or configured products and other standard products which are not listed
  • The guaranteed in-stock program applies to a maximum of 10 units per part number shipped in a 30 day period. If higher quantities of items are needed, Wilcoxon customer service representatives will provide the best possible availability to meet customer needs. Our goal is complete satisfaction including quality, performance, and delivery
  • All guaranteed in-stock orders will ship the next business day after order acknowledgement by Wilcoxon customer service representatives, providing all applicable credit approval, export authorization and/or documentation, compliance with applicable Government regulations, quality and/or contractual requirements, and customer account information is satisfied. The next business day is based upon United States Eastern Time and excludes weekends and holidays. The decision of shipping methods is the choice of the customer and all standard or expedited shipping fees are charged to the customer. Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies is not responsible for freight charges of late orders
  • Purchase orders for items included in the guaranteed in-stock program are not automatically shipped the next day. Customers must reference the guaranteed in-stock program for next day shipping
  • Should units be unavailable at the time of purchase without a comparable substitute, we'll give you a 5% model discount off of our U.S. commercial list price

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