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High Temperature Sensors – HT Series

Vibration sensors for use in high temperature environments. Wilcoxon’s new HT series, the next generation of our signature FireFet sensors, are ideal for monitoring machinery in high temperature applications including pulp and paper manufacturing. Our HT series vibration sensors provide superior long-lasting performance in environments up to 165°C. Lifetime warranty.

How it works

HT high temperature vibration sensors help maintenance and reliability engineers to identify mechanical problems early, minimize unplanned downtime and protect machine components from damage or failure. Example shown below of HT sensors on paper mill machine.

Typical users and applications

Ideal markets and applications for high temperature accelerometers include pulp and paper plants, dryer section of paper machines, steel manufacturing, power generation plants, metals processing. Typical users include reliability engineers, maintenance departments, vibration analysts, instrumentation engineers, system engineers, and operations personnel.

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