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Wilcoxon Vibration Monitoring Solutions 2020 Short-Form Catalog
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Do you know why vibration monitoring is important, and using sensors to measure vibration on rotating machines; including pumps, motors, and fans is smart?
Here are two key reasons:

• Early detection of changes in vibration signature of machinery is critical in preventing damage to equipment
• Accurate and timely detection of changing vibration signature helps avoid costly delays and shutdowns

Do you know what a vibration sensor is, and why Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies vibration sensors are built to last?
Here are three facts:

• Wilcoxon sensors have extremely low failure rates and long-term, consistent performance due to ISO-9001 certified manufacturing operations that exceed industry's best practices
• Hermetic welds are verified by helium leak testing to eliminate contaminants from entering sensor, ensuring a long sensor life
• Highest quality 316L stainless steel is used to withstand harsh plant environments. Sensing crystals undergo piezoelectric stabilization to minimize signal drift over the long life of the sensor. Electromagnetic and radio frequency interference are blocked so the sensor only outputs an accurate vibration signal.

Are you looking for how to guidance for vibration monitoring and analysis, what to look for in a vibration monitoring sensor, or how to read accelerometer and vibration meter data?

• We provide decades of vibration monitoring application knowledge. Take a look at our resources below for practical guidance that will benefit you and your team. Our vibration monitoring resources include useful guidance from our vibration monitoring product experts. Use our training material, application notes and calculators to help with your vibration monitoring, predictive maintenance, and plant machinery preventive maintenance and condition monitoring plan.

We take pride in helping vibration professionals succeed - whether you are just starting in the industry, or a seasoned professional. Our dedicated team is ready to help. Have a question right now, contact us using our General Inquiry form.

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