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Custom-designed products

Wilcoxon's capabilities provide the perfect fit for your unique vibration application. We offer custom vibration monitoring solutions for many industries and important applications. If you have a unique vibration application, our experienced engineering team and research scientists can work with you to produce a new and customized product to meet your vibration monitoring need.

Whether it's a custom product for a specific application, a minor modification to existing products, new materials or design technology, we bring 60 years of innovation, advanced research and technology development expertise with a vibration focus.

If small variations will not meet your needs, Wilcoxon's advanced product development capability is focused on quickly and efficiently designing a truly individualized vibration monitoring solution. Instead of modifying an existing product, we will work with you to create a totally new design. Our dedicated engineering team can produce an entirely new product perfectly suited to your predictive maintenance needs.

Whether you need minor modifications to a standard product or an entirely new sensor, Wilcoxon provides the technology to enable your success!

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Custom monitoring solutions for:

  • Industrial processes
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Condition monitoring
  • Energy production
  • Military applications
  • Aerospace and defense
  • Maritime and underwater
  • Transportation
  • Test and measurement

Examples of specific custom vibration monitoring applications:

  • External ship hull monitoring
  • High-g rotating equipment
  • Seabed seismic sensing
  • Radiation 'hot-zone' monitoring
  • Low-power wireless monitoring
  • Retrofitting legacy products