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Wind power

Vibration sensors improve wind turbine reliability, so you can minimize unplanned downtime and reduce operating costs

Wind turbine operators face enormous pressure to avoid unplanned outages and expensive costs on unscheduled repairs. Preventing turbine problems and minimizing failure is critical. Reliability engineers are experts at keeping wind turbines operational. They use vibration diagnostics to find the root cause of problems and establish a baseline of wind turbine health. Measuring low level vibrations helps to identify problems, provide an early warning and prevent damage.

Around the world, Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies® sensors are used to monitor gearbox condition, turbine shafts and bearings.
Since 1960, our sensors have set the industry standard for monitoring vibration on all types of rotating equipment/machines.
We supply sensors for wind turbine monitoring. We are your one stop shop!

Vibration analysis – key predictor of wind turbine health

  • Preventative maintenance:
    identify gearbox problems, check for wear, plan repairs cost-effectively, maintain uptime, prevent unexpected component failure
  • Condition based monitoring:
    improve reliability/availability, analyze/sustain wind turbine life, avoid expensive damage, keep operations running at peak performance

Typical vibration monitoring solutions for wind power applications

  • Turbines
  • Gearbox
  • Bearings
  • Main shaft
  • Tower sway

Wilcoxon vibration monitoring sensors include built-in safeguards for reliable monitoring
and consistent, long-term performance in potentially charged atmospheres found in wind turbine environments

With an MTBF greater than 25 years, our high voltage (HV) and low frequency sensors are ideal for wind turbine applications.
Our sensors are available in multiple configurations including permanent mount, compact and top-exit.

HV series sensors

  • High EMI (electromagnetic interference) resistant
  • Monitoring protection up to 6000V

Low frequency sensors

  • Clear signals at low vibration levels down to <0.1 Hz
  • True high-sensitivity design for greater signal to noise ratio
  • Built-in low-pass filter protects against sensor overload

All of our sensors for wind power applications include the following features:

  • Ceramic housing
  • Detect both low and high speed vibrations
  • Case isolated, ESD protection, reverse wiring protection

Recommended Wilcoxon vibration monitoring solutions and accessories for wind turbines and power environments:

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