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HART-enabled vibration transmitter, velocity, configurable, M12

Model PCH420V-M12

Vibration transmitter, HART-enabled, field-configurable, digital velocity sensor, with three independently programmable vibration bands, top exit M12 connector, user-configured full scale 0.5-5.0 in/sec peak

PCH420V digital vibration transmitters output 4-20 mA vibration data with the added capability of digital communication with existing plant infrastructure via HART 7.0 protocol. The HART functionality allows field configuration of three separate vibration bands for multi-targeted fault detection from a single sensor. The ‘universal’ vibration transmitter can be configured in the field or on the bench for myriad monitoring applications.

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Vibration transmitter features

  • HART protocol for digital communication with plant infrastructure
  • 3 independently programmable vibration bands
  • Multi-drop wiring option reduces cabling and installation costs
  • Hazardous area certified model available

Included accessories

  • SF6 mounting stud



Sensor output 4-20mA + HART digital protocol
Measurement unit Velocity
Detector type RMS, Peak, True Peak (user configurable)
Full-scale range 0.5 - 5.0 IPS (user configurable)
Frequency response, ±3 dB 3 Hz - 1950 Hz (user configurable)
Connector style M12, 4-pin
Connector orientation Top exit
Temperature range -40°C to +105°C
Weight 115 grams
Hazardous area approvals Non-approved; approved models available

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