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High temperature crimp kit for on-site cable assembly fabrication


Wilcoxon's 6Q-style connector fills the need for a higher temperature, more reliable, underwater exposure connector for 2 and 3-pin MIL-style sensor connections. The HTC (high temperature crimp) kit is used to make crimp connections to the sockets in the field.

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Each tool kit contains three 2 oz tubes of epoxy, which is enough to assemble a maximum of approximately 75 connectors (connectors and cabling must be ordered separately). One 2-oz tube of epoxy will pot approximately 25 connectors. Keep in mind that the epoxy mixing nozzles are disposed of after each assembly session, as the epoxy will harden in the tube. If the connectors are epoxied in quick succession, you can use minimal mixing nozzles, however, if there is a delay in between connector epoxying, multiple nozzles will be required.

Included parts

  • High temperature epoxy - used to ‘dab’ onto spring
  • Metal socket insertion tool - installs connector sockets into connector body
  • Plastic socket insertion tool
  • Crimp positioner tool - inserts into frame tool, crimps connector sockets
  • Crimp frame tool - holds positioner tool, crimps connector sockets
  • Crimp tool - crimps backshell to crimp sleeve to hold shield
  • Wire stripper - strips the wire conductor insulation to length
  • Scissors - use to trim shield braid and fiber strands
  • Exacto knife, 15 blades - use to score and cut cable jacket
  • Plastic knife guard - guards for the Exacto blades
  • Epoxy nozzle, EPX - mixing nozzle, mounts on the plunger
  • Epoxy plunger 4:1 - holds the two-part epoxy
  • Epoxy applicator gun - holds epoxy, pushes plunger to dispense epoxy into backshell
  • Carrying case with foam - holds all the components of the kit


  • Crimp kit for R6Q series connectors

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