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Velocity sensors

The new, lower-cost 786V velocity sensor captures the frequency range of most common machine faults, in a lighter-weight, more compact housing than legacy velocity sensors.

786V mockup

786V velocity sensor

Model: 786V

With a wide frequency response range (1-12,000 Hz at +/- 3dB), the 786V can capture signs of the most common developing faults - imbalance, misalignment, looseness - on rotating machines. A 100 mV/in/sec sensitivity and +/-5% sensitivity tolerance make for excellent measurement accuracy, and the sensor's rugged design ensures long-term reliability in industrial installations.

Key features and benefits

  • Velocity vibration measurements can be easily compared against ISO standards
  • Ideal for monitoring common mid-frequency faults – imbalance, misalignment, looseness
  • Eliminates noise influences from external integrators
  • More compact size than legacy sensors
  • Lower cost without loss of reliability or performance

The new 786V provides a broader frequency response, tighter sensitivity tolerance, higher vibration limit, and a more compact size than the legacy 793V sensor, at a significantly lower cost.

Velocity Sensor Comparison

Specification793V (legacy)786V
Sensitivity (mV/in/sec)100100
Sensitivity tolerance (±)10%5%
Velocity range (in/sec peak)5050
Amplitude nonlinearity2.5%1%
Frequency response (Hz, ±10%)3-3,5002-6,000
Frequency response (Hz, ±3dB)2.5-7,0001-12,000
Resonance frequency (kHz)1530
Transverse sensitivity5% max5% max
Broadband noise (µin/sec)1002,050
Spectral noise 10 Hz (µin/sec/√Hz)10250
Spectral noise 100 Hz (µin/sec/√Hz)112
Spectral noise 1,000 Hz (µin/sec/√Hz)0.25
Output impedance, nominal (Ω)200200
Bias Output Voltage (VDC)1012
Temperature Range (°C)-50 to 120°C-50 to 120°C
Vibration Limit (g)250500
Shock Limit (g)5,0005,000
Weight (grams)14590
Case material316L stainless steel316L stainless steel

  • Lower cost versus legacy velocity sensors
  • 5% sensitivity tolerance
  • Wide frequency range (1-12,000 Hz)
  • Compact housing, light weight (90 grams)

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