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IEPE accelerometers

SM103 and SM102 side exit integral cable accelerometers

SM Series of Integral Cable Sensors

Model: SM102 and SM103

The SM Series of integral-cable, side-mount sensors are a budget friendly line of accelerometers designed for ease of installation, even in hard-to-reach spaces. The pivoting mounting base allows sensor installation in any orientation - the user can turn the sensor 360° and tighten the base when the ideal mounting orientation is achieved for minimal cable strain. It can be used for condition monitoring of rotating equipment in tight-clearance installations, aggressive environments, or submerged locations.

Key features and benefits

  • More affordable than other side-exit, integral-cable sensors – without loss of reliability and performance
  • Compact size with low profile to fit in tight and hard-to-reach spaces with low clearance requirements
  • Pivots on integral mounting base for 360° cable orientation with reduced cable strain
  • Mountable in various orientations and locations, allows users to tighten sensor in final measurement position
  • Integral cable for submerged or aggressive environments

SM Series differences

The following specifications and features differ between the SM102 and SM103.
Cable materialmolded connector, polyurethane jacket, shielded twisted-pair cable polyurethane jacket with stainless steel armor jacket, shielded twisted-pair cable
IP ratingIP68
Continuous submersion
Submersible up to 1 m
Height0.98” (24.9 mm)1.01” (25.5 mm)
ApplicabilityWaterproof in submerged applications >1 mArmor protects against cable damage in aggressive environments
ImageSM102 side exit accelerometer with integral cableSM103 side exit accelerometers with integral cable
SpecificationsSM102 data sheetSM103 data sheet


SM102 and SM103 common specifications

The following specifications are the same for the SM102 and SM103.
Sensor output Dynamic vibration (IEPE)
Sensitivity100 mV/g
Sensitivity tolerance±15%
Full-scale range50 g
Amplitude nonlinearity 1%
Transverse sensitivity, max 7% of axial
Frequency response0.5 - 10,000 Hz
Mounting thread1/4-28 tapped hole
Connector styleintegral cable, 10 ft. standard
Connector orientationside exit, 360° cable orientation
Resonance frequency25 kHz
Temperature range–50° to +120°C
Weight31 grams (without cable)
Power requirement:
Voltage source
Current regulating diode
18 - 28 VDC
2 - 20 mA
Bias output voltage 8 to 12 VDC
Grounding case isolated, internally shielded
Vibration limit 500 g peak
Shock limit 5,000 g peak
Sealing hermetic
Sensing element design ceramic, shear
Case material stainless steel
Mounting 1/4-28 stud

SM Series accelerometers pivot on an integral mounting base. This makes it possible to easily position the sensor and connector with minimal strain on the integral cable. To install, simply thread the sensor's hex nut onto the mounting stud. Rotate the sensor to position the integral cable to the desired location and tighten the hex nut.

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