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Meggitt Sensing Systems releases two new Wilcoxon Research high frequency sensors with metric mounting

November 30, 2011—Germantown, MD - Meggitt, a leading supplier of quality vibration sensors and sensor networks, introduces two new side exit accelerometers with metric mounting. The 712F-M4 and the 997-M4 are compact sensors capable of continuous submersion and high frequency monitoring.

To support condition monitoring practitioners internationally, Meggitt Sensing Systems has released two new high frequency accelerometers with metric mounting. The side exit 712F-M4 and 997-M4 have the capability of monitoring in low clearance areas. The captive screw design with a safety wire hole adds additional protection in underwater applications to ensure the sensor cannot become dislodged. More compact and lighter than general purpose or low frequency accelerometers, the 712F-M4 and 997-M4 are usable on smaller, lighter structures without fear of mass loading, ensuring the sensor will not alter the vibration of the structure. The integral cable design that uses a proven glass to metal seal technique assures true hermetic sealing providing a 100 psi tested seal. This superior cable attachment technique has proven itself as one of the best methods for guaranteeing long term underwater exposure.

The 712F-M4 houses a general purpose 100 mV/g vibration sensor with ±10% sensitivity, and operates from 3 Hz to 25 kHz. The 997-M4 comes with 10 mV/g output with ±5% sensitivity and a frequency range that extends down to 0.5 Hz.

Characteristic of Wilcoxon Research brand sensors, the 712F-M4 and 997-M4 are suited for the harshest industrial environments. The accelerometers follow the rugged, hermetically sealed, ESD protected and EMI/RFI shielded format that has made Wilcoxon Research sensors the standard in many plants worldwide. Integral cable design and corrosion resistant construction make both sensors capable of continuous submersion in harsh and wet environments.

Similar to other vibration sensors in Wilcoxon Research?s extensive line of high frequency accelerometers, the 712F-M4 and 997-M4 are appropriate for most machinery monitoring applications such as gear mesh frequency or early bearing wear detection. Machine tool spindles and high speed compressors also benefit from the high frequency capability of these sensors. Wilcoxon Research piezoelectric accelerometers have been used in helicopter vibration monitoring systems for over 40 years, the 997-M4 can be used for in-flight and ground maintenance systems to monitor engine and transmission function, rotor, track and balance, and ride quality. Continuous vibration monitoring is easily implemented with the full range of Wilcoxon Research accelerometers.

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