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MSS releases triaxial vibration accelerometer with removable cable

December 07, 2011—Germantown, MD - Meggitt, a leading supplier of quality vibration sensors and hardware, introduces a new triaxial vibration sensor with removable cable. The 993B-7-M12 boasts improved in-band signal fidelity and a 50% increase in dynamic range.

Meggitt's selection of the increasingly popular M12 connector enables an upgrade to the external case resulting in a thicker shell and better resistance to impact. For both route based and permanent mount applications, this full performance triaxial accelerometer hosts three general purpose 100 mV/g vibration sensors with ±10% sensitivity tolerance. The accelerometer has the option of being paired with a removable, flexible cable which can be assembled with an assortment of connectors including BNC, Turck, 11-pin Fischer, and 4-pin Bendix. In permanent mounting applications, having a removable cable and captive mounting screw can accommodate cable runs from any angle. The cost effective benefit of the 993B-7-M12's removable cable is that severed cables no longer mean sensor replacement.

Meggitt manufactures a variety of high quality Wilcoxon Research triaxial sensors which consist of three sensing elements within a single rugged casing. The 993B-7-M12 is a premium unit which features a broad frequency range from 2-10,000 Hz on the Z axis, and 2-7,000 Hz on the X and Y axes. Each channel of the 993B-7-M12 has improved amplifiers to minimize the influence of out of band signals, thereby minimizing sensor overload, a condition which renders sensor data unusable. Proponents of Wilcoxon Research's triaxial sensors note the increased speed of data collection and inherently consistent outputs. For in-field vibration analysis, the 993B-7-M12 is compatible with most field analyzers and eliminates the need for extensive wiring.

Characteristic of Wilcoxon Research brand sensors, the 993B-7-M12 is suited to the harshest industrial environments. The accelerometer follows the hermetically sealed, ESD protected and EMI/RFI shielded format that has made Wilcoxon Research sensors the standard in many plants worldwide. Reverse wire protection comes standard, to protect the internal circuit from failure, should the input power be misconnected.

Similar to other vibration sensors in Wilcoxon Research's extensive line of specialized accelerometers, the 993B-7-M12 is appropriate for monitoring most industrial rotating equipment including fans, blowers, pumps, compressors, chillers, gearboxes, mixers and motors. Continuous vibration monitoring is easily implemented with the full range of Wilcoxon Research accelerometers. To learn more about Wilcoxon Research sensors, Meggitt Sensing Systems, or the pledge of Total Lower Cost of Ownership, visit, call 800-WILCOXON, or email [email protected].

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