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MIL-C-5015 connector, 32 ft shielded, twisted pair cable

Model R6W-0-J10-32

Accelerometer cable assembly: shielded, twisted pair, braided shield, 125°C-rated, gray Enviroprene jacketed cable with molded MIL-C-5015, model 6W connector with electrical isolation between shield and transducer housing, blunt cut, 32 feet.

Sensor cable configuration

  • 6W sensor connector: MIL-C-5015-style 2 socket, isolated shield, molded connector, 125°C, IP67
  • 0: to blunt cut
  • J10-32 cable: 32ft, twisted pair, 2 conductors, braided shield, gray Enviroprene jacket, 125°C


IP rating IP67
Connector 1 (sensor) R6W (MIL-C-5015, 2-socket, molded, isolated shield)
Connector 2 (termination) Blunt cut
Cable type J10 (twisted shielded pair, gray Enviroprene jacket)
Cable length 32 ft
Cable O.D. 0.190 in
Temperature range -50°C to +125°C
Capacitance (pF/ft) 34 pF/ft

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