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Field installation kit for 6SL(I) and 6GSL(I) accelerometer cable connectors


Contains tools and supplies to assemble 75 6SL(I) and 6GSL(I) connectors and sensor cables in the field.

Included parts

  • Crimp tool - crimps backshell to crimp sleeve to hold shield
  • Exacto knife, 15 blades - use to score and cut cable jacket
  • Wire stripper - strips the wire conductor insulation to length
  • Scissors - use to trim shield braid and fiber strands
  • Epoxy applicator, EPX - holds epoxy, pushes plunger to dispense epoxy into backshell
  • Adhesive, Black Max
  • Epoxy nozzle, EPX - mixing nozzle, mounts on the plunger
  • Adhesive, DP125 - used in Applicator Gun. One tube can be used for up to 25 connector assemblies.
  • Carrying case - holds all the components of the kit

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