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Accelerometer Cable Assemblies

We are your reliable source for a wide assortment of accelerometer cable assemblies. It's important to carefully choose the cable assembly to ensure proper operation in your environment. The two types of cables most commonly used to connect an accelerometer to acquisition equipment are coaxial and shielded multi-conductor. It's also important to consider the jacket material. The intended environment will dictate requirements including temperature, chemicals, radiation and moisture. Take a look at our wide range of cable options.

It's easy to purchase our cables and connectors in volume for on-site fabrication of accelerometer cable assemblies.

High temperature cables and connectors

High temperature, shielded, twisted pair cables, with high temperature 2-socket sensor connectors, for use with 2-pin MIL-C-5015 vibration sensors

200°C, IP68, Viton boot connector

200°C, IP68, isolated, Viton boot connector

200°C, IP67 splashproof Viton boot connector

125°C, IP67, contamination-resistant connector
Read more about our redesigned R6W connectors

125°C, Amphenol metal connector

M12 cable assemblies

Wilcoxon’s new molded, 5-socket M12 style RM12W connector is durable, IP67 rated, and ideal for process applications and permanent sensor installations.

Data collector cables

Wilcoxon’s new R6WP industrial 2-socket MIL-C-5015 connector is durable, IP65 rated, and ideal for walkaround monitoring routes and portable data collection.

Radiation resistant cable assemblies

Radiation resistant sensors and cable assemblies make vibration monitoring possible on critical machines in nuclear power plants.

Field installation connector kits for on-site cable assembly fabrication

Bulk cable for on-site cable assembly fabrication

Shielded, twisted pair cables

Other bulk cables

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