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4-20mA sensors


PCC420 series 4-20mA sensors

Model: PCC420 series

Wilcoxon’s PCC420 series sensors provide a 4-20 mA output proportional to overall vibration, allowing for continuous trending of machine health. This trend data alerts users to changing machine conditions and helps guide maintenance in prioritizing the need for service. The choice of RMS or peak output allows you to choose the sensor that best fits your requirements.

Key features and benefits

  • 4-20mA output (acceleration or velocity)
  • Easily incorporated into existing CBM programs
  • Continuous trend data simplifies monitoring of machine vibration
  • More compact housing than legacy PC420 models
  • Available with a 2-pin MIL or 4-pin M12 connector
PCC420Ax-yy-C model selection
xx (4-20mA output type)yy (4-20mA full scale)C (output connector)
AR = RMS output, acceleration
AP = calculated peak output, acceleration
05 = 5 gR6 = 2-pin, MIL-C-5015 style
M12 = 4-pin, M12 style
10 = 10 g
20 = 20 g
50 = 50 g
PCC420Vx-yy-C model selection
xx (4-20mA output type)yy (4-20mA full scale)C (output connector)
VR = RMS output, velocity
VP = calculated peak output, velocity
05 = 0.5 ips (12.7 mm/sec)R6 = 2-pin, MIL-C-5015 style
M12 = 4-pin, M12 style
10 = 1.0 ips (25.4 mm/sec)
20 = 2.0 ips (50.8 mm/sec)
30 = 3.0 ips (76.2 mm/sec)
50 = 5.0 ips (127 mm/sec)
10mm = 10 mm/sec (0.4 ips)
20mm = 20 mm/sec (0.8 ips)
25mm = 25 mm/sec (0.9 ips)
50mm = 50 mm/sec (1.9 ips)

Vibration monitoring plays an essential role in predictive maintenance through detection of the vast majority of machinery faults. Trending vibration data allows you to monitor a variety of machines without the need for detailed spectrum analysis. The use of 4-20mA sensors establishes a cost-effective condition-based monitoring program that can be used even if you’re not a vibration expert. The overall level of vibration is represented by a loop current of 4-20 mA, where 4 mA represents no vibration and 20 mA represents a sensor’s full scale vibration level. This loop current indicates general machine health with no complex analysis required when compared against standard vibration guides. Since many process control systems already accept 4-20 mA inputs, vibration data can be incorporated with common monitoring parameters such as pressure, temperature or flow. Incorporating 4-20mA vibration transmitters increases the effectiveness of vibration monitoring programs by providing data around the clock, offering a new level of protection. The PCC420 series offers acceleration or velocity output in terms of RMS or peak, multiple full scale values, and two connector options. Metric full scale options are available for PCC420V models (10, 20, 25 or 50 mm/sec). With a velocity output, it's even easier to utilize vibration data by comparing readings against the ISO 10816-3 standard, shown above.

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