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Wilcoxon Expands Product Line with Ultrasound Monitoring Kits

June 5, 2024 — Frederick, MD – Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies, an Amphenol company, has added ultrasound detection to the company’s suite of condition monitoring solutions. Ultrasound monitoring can diagnose machinery problems such as bearing over- and under-lubrication and other conditions that lead to bearing wear, enabling ultrasound to complement vibration monitoring and enhance condition-based maintenance programs.

Wilcoxon’s UDK-CM ultrasound condition monitoring solution can be used to achieve bearing precision lubrication, supported by the company’s traditional vibration sensing products for root cause analysis. The ultrasound receiver and cloud-based condition monitoring application allow maintenance teams to hear and analyze the friction index of each bearing, indicate the precise amount of lubrication required, and extend the life of the bearing. As the bearing ages and normal fatigue occurs, vibration monitoring can detect early signs of brinelling, corrosion, and developing faults, such as misalignment, looseness, tight fits, excessive loads, damage to the bearing or race, and impending failures.

In addition to the UDK-CM Condition Monitoring Kit, Wilcoxon is releasing three other application-specific ultrasound detection kits.

  • The UDK-LK Leak detection kit includes everything needed for compressed air, gas, vacuum, and valve leak detection. Unlike traditional “leak detectors,” which detect a characteristic of a specific gas, the ultrasound receiver detects the turbulent airflow of any compressed gas.
  • The UDK-EI Electrical Safety Inspection kit identifies electrical defects like corona discharge, tracking, and arcing from a safe distance, up to 150 feet, with no need to remove electrical panels. An optional parabolic range extender makes it possible to inspect electrical lines up to 300 feet away.
  • The UDK-VL Valve and Steam Trap Monitoring Kit detects internal bypass leaks in valves and steam traps to optimize efficiency.

Each kit contains an ultrasound receiver and headset with a specialized set of probes and adapters for airborne or structure-borne ultrasound detection. The UDK-CM Condition Monitoring Kit also includes a one-year subscription to a cloud-based application that analyzes, trends, and reports on the condition of critical production equipment.

Click here to read about the ultrasound kits, see the specifications, or request more information.

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