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Machinery monitoring


Slideshow: Bearing failure causes and cures >

Helpful explanation including photo examples of different types of bearing faults and conditions you should look out for to get to the root cause.

Product technote: Paper machines >

PT101: Wilcoxon accelerometers accurately measure the broad range of frequencies and low amplitudes occurring in slow speed roller bearing installations.


Product technote: compressor gear set >

PT102: The gear set on a critical turbo-compressor was monitored with a Wilcoxon industrial accelerometer at very low frequencies.

Reciprocating gas compressor vibration monitoring >

Monitor reciprocating gas compressors with 4-20 mA loop powered vibration sensors.

Cooling towers and cooling fans

PT104: Vibration monitoring of cooling towers and process cooler fans >

Vibration monitoring of cooling tower fans, gear boxes, shafts, and motors provides early warning of machine degradation and impending disaster.

Vibration monitoring of coolers and chillers using 4-20mA >

Cooling towers, process coolers and HVAC cooling units can be monitored for vibration using the 4-20 mA analog input channels of existing PLC units.


Application solution: mounting 4-20 mA vibration sensors on fans >

Guidance to determine the number and location of 4-20 mA loop powered sensors to produce a reliable vibration monitoring system to protect fans, and to interface directly with a plant Programmable Logic Controller or Distributed Control System to provide a cost-effective predictive maintenance solution.


Slideshow: Gearbox tutorial >

Helpful overview of vibration monitoring and some of the challenges specific to gearboxes.


Know the health of your pumps >

Pumps benefit from regular check-ups to ensure there are no underlying problems. Diagnostics give us an indication of the health of the pump.

Pump cavitation detected with vibration monitoring >

A pump manufacturer used a Wilcoxon vibration sensor on a positive displacement pump and found that the sensor successfully detected cavitation.

Product technote: Pump vibration monitoring >

Vibration monitoring of critical and auxiliary pumping systems helps improve machine reliability, safety, and production capability.

Slideshow: Pump vibration monitoring >

Overview covers pump systems and failures, plus monitoring specifics and techniques that are designed to minimize damage, reduce downtime, and increase productivity.