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What is TEDS?

TEDS, or Transducer Electronic Data Sheet, is a set of electronic data in a standardized format defined within the IEEE-P1451.4 standard. This data specifies what type of sensor is present, describes its interface, and gives technical information such as sensitivity, reference frequency, polarity, etc.

Are TEDS sensors the same as "Plug and Play" sensors?

Yes. "Plug and Play" sensors refer to the emerging IEEE P1451.4 specification of sensors that contain calibration or configuration information in memory on the sensor. This information is normally stored in an EEPROM chip attached to a transducer. By having this chip, the transducer can identify and describe itself to the network, thereby easing automatic system configuration. Let's say you have a Wilcoxon TEDS-compatible accelerometer. Using the proper software, any other Wilcoxon IEEE P1451.4-enabled accelerometer could be swapped in, would self-identify, and would work appropriately.

What are the advantages of TEDS?

Benefits that can be experienced now include:

  • Simplified troubleshooting
  • Reduced safety risks. It is no longer necessary to "climb on machines" for connection verification
  • Reduced costs for set-up and tear-down
  • No recalibration is needed when replacing sensors
  • The data acquisition system can recalibrate itself

Advantages that will be available in the future include:

  • Integration with wireless transceivers
  • Elimination of large lengths of analog wiring
  • Reduced installation, maintenance and upgrade costs of measurement and control systems
  • The opportunity to add intelligence to sensors

Do "Plug and Play" TEDS sensors work with legacy systems?

Yes. A TEDS-capable accelerometer will function in legacy systems where no TEDS capability exists. In such legacy systems, TEDS-capable accelerometers will function identically to a traditional IEPE accelerometer. Diodes provide isolation of the digital TEDS circuit from the standard analog circuit.

What is Virtual TEDS?

Virtual TEDS is an online library of data sheets developed by National Instruments that contain the same information that would be found in an EEPROM TEDS, but exist for sensors not containing the EEPROM. This would define plug-and-play capability for legacy sensors. As a National Instruments Plug and Play Sensor Partner and a National Instruments Alliance Member, Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies has contributed the data for several of its most popular sensors to the Virtual TEDS database.

What parameters are included on a Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies TEDS chip?

TEDS Item Data
Manufacturer Amphenol (Maryland), Inc.
Model Entered as data
Serial Number Determined during calibration
Calibration Date Determined during calibration
Sensitivity Determined during calibration
Reference Frequency Determined during calibration
Polarity Determined during calibration
High-pass Cut-off Frequency Nominal
Low-pass Cut-off Frequency Determined during calibration
Resonance Frequency Determined during calibration
Quality Factor Nominal
Amplitude Slope Nominal
Temperature Coefficient Nominal
Reference Temperature Determined during calibration
Sensitivity Direction Determined during calibration
Measurement Position ID N/A

TEDS sensors specification sheets

How do I find out more about TEDS?

An overview of TEDS sensors is available from National Instruments, as well as an FAQ page. For information about Wilcoxon's TEDS sensors, contact application support by email at [email protected].



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