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VibraLINK Single (VLS) VibraLINK Dual (VLD) Industrial Enclosures

Wilcoxon’s VibraLINK® enclosures serve as a central data collection point and streamline walkaround routes. Our VL series offers a variety of customizable options to meet the requirements of your application.

VLS and VLD switchboxes allow the user to choose between single or dual poutput and fature and industry-first Data Ready light that indicates BOV levels have stabilized. Decrease active collection time, eliminate ski-slope data and increase efficiency in data collection.

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Features and benefits

• Industry first - Data Ready Light!
• Base or expandable enclosure size for up to 48 channels
• Compatible with single- or dual-output IEPE sensors

• Online connectivity for continuous monitoring
• Organized terminals for clean cable runs
• Customizable cable access holes

• 55% more interior space
• NEMA 4/4x and IP66 ratings
• Increased noise immunity

How it works

Select what you need. We offer several configuration options to meet your requirements. Ready to view options? Go to VibraLINK Single (VLS) or VibraLINK Dual (VLD) enclosures. Do you need assistance selecting or configuring your enclosure? We are here to help. Contact Technical Support or Sales Support.


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Typical users and applications

Built for industrial use, and a wide range of manufacturing applications including plants, factories and mills

Controls engineer, equipment and manufacturing technician, industrial engineer, manufacturing engineer, reliability engineer and more

VibraLINK Enclosure Series Product Comparison

We offer many VibraLINK enclosure configuration options. Need assistance configuring the enclosure that is best for your plant? Our application engineers and sales team can support you.

Rotating channel selector switchxxx
Accepts 6-12 sensor inputs (base size)xxx
Accepts 12-48 sensor inputs (expandable size)xxx
Available in fiberglass or stainless steelxxx
Selectable cable grip or conduit cable interfacexxx
Designed for use with single-output IEPE sensorsxx
BNC output connector (for data-collection)xx
2-pin MIL-C-5015 output connector (for data collection)x
Industry-first data ready lightxx
Optional online connectivity pass-through terminalsxx
Designed for use with dual-output (vibe + temp) IEPE sensorsx
3-pin MIL-C-5015 output connector (for data collection)x