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Configurable industrial enclosures for vibration sensors

Model Configurable Enclosures

Don't see the vibration sensor termination box you are looking for? We offer a wide range of configurable enclosures to meet all of your vibration monitoring needs. Contact our customer representative team at [email protected] and we will be glad to help you select the right enclosure for your application.

Wilcoxon termination boxes and switch boxes are designed for quick and safe data acquisition in the harshest industrial environments. Changes in the vibration signature of rotating machinery can be detected by permanently-mounted sensors. Enclosures provide a termination point for up to 48 cable runs and serve as a central data collection point eliminating walkaround routes. Technicians can quickly retrieve critical data which may indicate if machinery is suffering from misalignment, imbalance or wear. Maintenance decisions can be made with confidence, and catastrophic shutdowns, lost production and safety risks can be avoided.


  • Data ready light on VLS and VLD models indicates stable BOV levels for decreased collection time and accurate data output
  • Online connectivity available on VLS and VLD models
  • Rugged and built to last- NEMA 4/IP66 rated, corrosion resistant
  • Over 450 user configurable models available

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