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Ultrasound detection kit, electrical safety inspection

Model UDK-EI

Ultrasound detection of electrical discharge, 40 kHz (±1.5 kHz) ultrasound receiver, headset, acoustic concentrators and a polycarbonate probe detect airborne ultrasound, industrial carrying case

Detect ultrasound created by corona discharge, tracking, and arcing from a safe distance, with no need to remove electrical panels. Ultrasound is produced by electricity escaping in high-voltage lines or jumping across gaps in loose electrical connections and insulation loss. Acoustic concentrators and a 12" polycarbonate extension probe enable safe electrical panel and transformer inspection from safe distance, up to 150' away.

An optional range extender can detect ultrasound from electrical discharge up to 300' away for safe inspection of power lines.

This kit includes

Ultrasound receiver
Concentrator set: acoustic tip, mini concentrator, large concentrator
Polycarbonate acoustic probe, 12”
Heavy duty carrying case

Ultrasound kit features

  • Easy to use, “point and shoot”
  • Long battery life, >45 hours
  • Standard and intrinsically safe receivers
  • Behind-the-head headset compatible with hard hats
  • Piezoelectric sensing element
  • Immune to EMI
  • Safely detects discharge up to 150' away

UDK-CM kit images

Large acoustic concentrator, receiver, and headset.

Electrical safety inspection without removing panels.

Optional range extender detects discharge up to 300' away. Not included in standard UDK-EI kit.

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