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Ultrasound detection kit, valve and steam trap monitoring

Model UDK-VL

Ultrasound leak detection for valve and steam trap leaks, 40 kHz (±1.5 kHz) ultrasound receiver, headset, solid probes for detecting structure-borne ultrasound, industrial carrying case

Save money by detecting internal bypass leaks in valves and steam traps with a single-point inspection. Reduce inspection time for hydraulic lines and systems.

This kit includes

Ultrasound receiver
Solid probe set: 3”, 5”, 8” 13”
Heavy duty carrying case

Ultrasound kit features

  • Easy to use, “point and shoot”
  • Long battery life, >45 hours
  • Standard and intrinsically safe receivers
  • Behind-the-head headset compatible with hard hats
  • Piezoelectric sensing element
  • Effective in loud and noisy environments

UDK-VL kit images

Solid probes, receiver, and headset.

Structure-borne ultrasound leak detection for valves, steam traps, and hydraulic lines.

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