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Vibration Sensor Accessories

We are your resource for vibration monitoring accessories. We offer a wide assortment of mounting hardware including magnetic sensor mounting bases, mounting pads, studs, isolator bases, fin mounts, and triaxial mounting cubes - along with adhesives and greases. With our selection of connectors, crimp tools, power supplies, amplifiers, line adapters, in-line charge converters, and battery kits, Wilcoxon has all your vibration monitoring needs covered.

Magnet mounts

Flat magnets

Two-pole magnets for rounded surfaces

Mounting pads

For permanent installations

For walk around data collection

Mounting pads reduce vibration data collection time and improve measurement reliability in walkaround monitoring applications.

Mounting studs

Isolator bases

Wilcoxon's accelerometer mounting isolator bases electrically isolate the sensor from the case of the machine, providing protection from up to 1,500 volts of electricity.

Triaxial mounting cubes

Fin mounts

Our FM series of accelerometer mounting fins are designed to be epoxied or welded between the cooling fins of large electric motors.

Epoxy and grease

Power / signal conditioners

Cable assembly fabrication tools

Wilcoxon has everything you need for on-site fabrication of accelerometer cable assemblies.

Intelligent transmitter accessories

View the complete line of accessories for our vibration transmitters and vibration alarms.

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