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Ultrasound Kits

The ultrasound receiver - available in four convenient kits - detects and converts ultrasonic (>20 kHz) noise produced by mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic, and electrical systems down to an audible range you can hear. Changes in the amplitude and characteristics of the ultrasound are comfortably detected in noisy plant environments. Leaks are easily pinpointed. Electrical issues are safely exposed. Equipment problems such as bearing over- and under-lubrication are diagnosed early, enabling ultrasound to complement vibration monitoring and enhance condition-based maintenance programs.

Application-based kits

Complements vibration monitoring of bearings and gearboxes
Add the UDK-CM ultrasound detection kit to your condition monitoring routine to evaluate bearing over- and under-lubrication and other conditions that lead to bearing wear. In some cases, like slow-speed bearing monitoring, ultrasound detection can pinpoint troubles even before traditional vibration monitoring.

Finds all turbulent flow leaks
The UDK-LK kit includes everything needed for compressed air/gas, vacuum, and valve leak detection. Unlike traditional “leak detectors,” which detect a characteristic of a specific gas, the receiver detects the turbulent airflow of any compressed gas.

Identifies electrical defects from a safe distance
The UDK-EI kit detects corona discharge, tracking, and arcing from a safe distance, up to 150 feet, with no need to remove panels. A parabolic range extender makes it possible to inspect electrical lines from up to 300 feet away.

Detects leaks in valves and steam traps
The UDK-VL kit detects internal by-pass leaks in valves and steam traps to optimize efficiency.

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