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IEPE Vibration Sensors

Wilcoxon is your reliable source for a broad selection of high quality, long-lasting accelerometers to monitor vibration, commonly found on rotating industrial machinery including motors, fans, pumps, gearboxes, blowers, machine tool spindles, compressors, chillers, rollers, and mixers. Maintenance and reliability professionals use our accelerometers for predictive maintenance and condition-based monitoring.

For guidance on choosing the right sensor for your application, view our sensor selection chart including specifications or visit our industry pages for application-specific guidance.

General-purpose sensors, 100 mV/g

2-pin MIL-C-5015 connector

M12 connectors

Integral cables

Other connectors

High-frequency accelerometers

Measure high amplitudes on machinery with gear mesh or small bearings, such as high-speed machine tool spindles and compressors

Very high amplitude range, 500 g peak, 10 mV/g sensitivity

Standard amplitude range, 100 mV/g sensitivity

Low-frequency accelerometers

Greater output sensitivity, typically 500 mV/g, to monitor low acceleration levels at low frequencies

Ultra-high sensitivity


Typically used where extra temperature protection is needed, such as the dryer section of a paper machine

Intrinsically Safe IEPE accelerometers

Certified Intrinsically Safe for operation in Class I Division 1 and Zone 0 / Zone 1 hazardous locations

General purpose, 100 mV/g


Class I Division 2 certified IEPE accelerometers

Certified for operation Class I Division 2 and Zone 2 hazardous locations

General purpose, 100 mV/g


Dual output accelerometer and temperature sensors

Measure both vibration and temperature to get more data from one sensor

Hazardous area certified

Triaxial accelerometers

Get vibration data acquisition in three axis from a single measurement

Velocity sensors, 100 mV/in/sec

The convenience of direct velocity output, with decreased high frequency signals for better measurement of low frequency vibrations

High voltage isolation accelerometers

Electrically isolated sensors with high EMI resistance for vibration monitoring in high electromagnetic environments, such as wind turbines and railway systems

Radiation-resistant vibration sensors

Take reliable measurements on critical machines that are exposed to radiation (up to 1x107 RADs) in nuclear power plants

Low-power, low-voltage accelerometers

Low power, low voltage accelerometers support battery-powered and wireless applications

Internally amplified helicopter sensors

Underwater accelerometers

All Wilcoxon underwater accelerometers are designed for continuous submersion and exposure to 650 PSI of water pressure.

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